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Complex Legal Issues. Clear.

MLM is a legitimate but misunderstood and highly miscategorized business model. The laws aren’t often fully understood, and those who think they know the law, typically over estimate their understanding. Let us help you understand the context of MLM in eyes of the legal world. We are also here to help you choose proper legal counsel. Not all law firms are made equal, and not all lawyers understand MLM.

MLM Legal
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Choosing an MLM Legal Team and Law Firm

As we work with clients, offer our marketing and strategic advice, there is nothing more important we could recommend than to secure solid legal counsel. If we did nothing else but put our clients in touch with who we consider to be the absolute BEST MLM Legal team and Law firm available today, we would be satisfied that we did our duty to better our clients chances of survival!

Choosing a quality law firm to represent your multilevel marketing, party plan, or direct sales company can be a daunting task. We can make your selection process substantially easier.

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MLM Attorneys Over the years we have worked with thousands of companies, a large majority have a product or service they are passionate about or deeply believe in. These same companies typically have a compensation plan in mind and have laid out the basics for getting started. The largest issues for any start-up MLM, party-plan, or direct sales company, however, arise from "the unknown"... those things that are outside a companies experiences. The statement... "What you don't know won't hurt you," in this case... is 100% FALSE! In every case (I can't think of a single exception) a new start-up company needs to find a quality, solid, and proven MLM Lawyer, MLM Consultant, and MLM Software, because "what you don't know"... WILL ultimately cause a new companies demise. THIS CAN BE PREVENTED!

The statement, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," is so massively applicable to today's start up companies. Protect yourself! Plan today and work closely with an experienced MLM Attorney.

On most occasions a new start-up company will start-out looking for a software to track their sales organization thinking this is all they'll need to launch their business. However, the legal environment of the United States, Canada, and the World is slowly (some times not so slowly) changing, adapting, and evolving. New judicial rulings and precedents, legislative law and FTC/SEC (or respective agencies/ministries) adapt to the changes in commerce, the economy, public opinion, etc. Without a quality Attorney or Legal Council you're flying blind.

The Legal Firms and MLM Lawyers we associate with help HUNDREDS of start-up MLM companies each year.

We can help you pick the right Legal Team or Law Firm that will fit your needs!

Your information is kept strictly confidential! We will only refer your details to a legal team that can assist you in structuring your business model so it's the most legally sound. Please fill out the form below to contact us. We will contact you via email to confirm a time to chat, and if you need Legal assistance we will refer you to one of our APPROVED legal associates.

MLM Legal

MLM Law: A Complex Area of Running Your MLM Business

There are a steadily growing number of MLM businesses today, as more and more companies are looking for simpler ways to operate with a focus on what matters to them. Even though MLM marketing is a popular business model, it is also still new enough to have a lot of unanswered questions surrounding it - especially where MLM law is concerned. Too often, start-up businesses don’t take the issue of MLM legal issues seriously enough, and they run into problems that they don’t know how to solve down the road. When it comes to MLM law, there is no substitute for a professional, knowledgeable MLM attorney who will advise you with your best interests at heart. MORE...