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Standing Apart. Together.

The world has changed. The way we think, communicate, and relate to one another will never be the same. At the center is something that Network Marketing professionals have known for over 60 years, humanity is linked by the fabric of relationships. As large companies have realized, in large part due to quantifiable social networks, that according to Times Magazine an individual is connected to roughly 150 other people directly a statistic mirrored by social media giant FaceBook.

What Network Marketing professionals always knew is now clearly quantified by what would be the 3rd largest country in the world, if it were a country, FaceBook. People are connected, naturally connected.

It is then easy to understand a companies natural desire to have customers who love their products tell others about their products. As an extension of that it is only natural that companies would provide incentives when a customer tells their network of friends, colleges, and associates about a product or service they like.

The very essence of Multi-Level Marketing is understanding that we are all connected, that we naturally share with others what we ourselves love or believe in or consume, and that by rewarding this naturally occurring behavior companies selling quality products will find their customers will share their products more often.

As a continuation, companies naturally look for ways of growing their influence through the natural fabric of social networking. The result is an incentive structure that rewards growth of the network as it grows tier by tier. Multiple tier incentive structures that reward sharing through their social networks products or services are Called Multi-Level Marketing.