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We provide best-in-class MLM Software and industry leading Consulting. As industry insiders serving clients since 1997, we understand the uniqueMLM legal issues companies face.

We continually set industry benchmarks and best practices, providing relevant software solutions, Comp Plan Design, Merchant Accounts, Consulting, or legal review. We are actively engaged in the MLM Community. Stay informed, visit our Articles.

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MLM Software | Party Plan Technology
MLM start up to established and transitioning companies find our MLM Software a complete technology framework. From New Zealand to Russia, Italy to Brazil our clients know our multi-lingual and multi-currency technology has pefect flexibility and ease of use.
MLM Marketing Systems & Tools
Blend our powerful MLM software with distributor CRM tools like lead capture pages, autoresponders, our Facebook app, customer rewards / affinity tools and you have a direct selling / MLM software technology poised for today's Socail Driven Marketing needs.
Free Commission Plan Review
Our executive team's background reaches far beyond MLM and Party Plan Software; with both extensive experiance at corporate and as distributors we intimately understand that compensation plans should first be about incentivizing proper behaviour.

MLM & Direct Selling Software for both
Start-up & Enterprise Companies

MLM Software | Custom Enterprise MLM software with full ecommerce, shopping cart, password protected private member areas, genealogy tracking software, multi-lingual sites, affiliate and commission tracking software!

As the leader in Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Social Driven Marketing Software Solutions we work with companies in start up mode or who are looking to transition from a current platform. Let us help you start your business off with a powerful and scaleable software solution with graphical downline tracking and website replication.

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Ask about MLM Laws, Attorneys, & Legal Issues

MLM Legal - Over the years we have worked with thousands of companies; a large majority have a product or service they are passionate about or deeply believe in. These same companies typically have a compensation plan in mind and have laid out the basics for getting started. The largest issues for any startup MLM, party-plan, or direct sales company, however, arise from "the unknown"... those things that are outside a company's experiences.

Our team is mindful of you and your business from our first conversation with you. Regardless why you are calling we are constantly listening for ways to protect your business. We consider 3 key areas in each service we provide. Legality, Profitability, and Marketability! These 3 pieces are all equally critical to your success! Start-up or existing companies find our personalized concern about their success refreshing in an otherwise boiler plated world.

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60 Things you should know about MLM Compensation Plans

Debbi Ballard - 60 Things From Mel Atwood, CEO of, "Something I learned very early about compensation plans is that on the surface throwing numbers and levels around seems rather simple. However, as any expert plan designer will tell you it's not just about compensation. In fact, I believe Dan Jensen, Len Clements, Mike Sheffield, Jay Leisner or any other consultant will tell you that compensation plans are less about compensation and more about incentives."

This incredible resource written by Debbi Ballard, outlines 60 things you should be aware of when you design a compensation plan. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's as simple as just taking 50% over 5 levels at 10% per level. The reality is there are 5 different groups you MUST consider and properly incentivize. > > > ORDER TODAY! < < <

Need Assistance?
Ask an expert MLM Consultant! - MLM Consultants We provide Consulting; Corporate MLM, Party Plan, and Direct Sales Software; Compensation Plan Design; MLM friendly Merchant Account options; Lead Capture and Marketing Systems; easy Check and Debit Card solutions; and more.

As industry leading MLM Consultants, Mel Atwood and Len Clements offer their expert background to assist you in developing a well rounded, balanced, marketable, profitable, and legal compensation and incentive structure.

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